My wife, Elizabeth, and I have called Casselberry home for the last 12 years. She has lived in the city almost her whole life. Her parents moved here 30 years ago from Peru and Puerto Rico as first generation Americans. They came to Casselberry to give their children a better life and found the city a perfect place to raise their family. Just as her parents did many years ago, we fell in love with the tight communities, friendly people and the city’s emphasis on safety and family.

Casselberry has tremendous potential to be one of the great cities in Central Florida and I would like to see it reach its full potential. The City is going through a revival. Our past Commissions have done an excellent job implementing a long-term plan centered around family, safety and a growing economic center at the heart of the city.

As an elected Commissioner I will continue their great work with our citizens, community groups and city administrators to support public-private partnerships to help attract economic investment. I will support our City Police Department to make sure they have everything they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. I will also invest my energy into promoting arts, recreational resources, and helping to protect our fresh water lakes and river systems.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mark Busch


Economic Development

Casselberry is experiencing a revitalization and is now at a critical juncture where it can continue to grow or go back to the old status quo of the past. The City needs experienced, forward thinking Commissioners who focus on economic development that creates jobs, attracts financial investment and improvements to its infrastructure and communities from which all citizens can benefit.

Some areas to focus on:

• Expand Events & downtown economic center
• Promote community reinvestment for homes and business.
• Attract new businesses into the city
• Free up prime commercial property to help increase revenue

Public Safety

All successful cities focus on safe infrastructure and public safety for its communities. I fully support our City’s Police Department and will make sure they have the right facilities and technology to face new threats in the 21st Century. Also, I will continue to support the revitalization of our streets, walkways, trails and bikeways for our citizens with enhanced sidewalks, LED lighting, updated signs/markings and traffic calming amenities.

Some areas to focus on:

• Enhanced Sidewalks with efficient LED lighting for “safe walking”.
• Traffic calming devices where needed to limit speeding and cut-through traffic
• Partner with Seminole County on proposed recreation projects that require more oversight.


With my degree in Biology and previous emphasis on Florida freshwater and lake systems, I have first-hand experience with the fragility of our aquatic ecosystems. I will use my background and past experience as an elected Vice-Chairman for the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation district to promote the clean-up and protection of our rivers, lakes and drainage systems .

Some areas to focus on:

• River, lake and drainage canal clean up.
• Invasive species control – Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth and Giant Salvinia
• Promote “smart building” to decrease contaminated run-off into the St Johns River Basin.

Promotion of the Arts & Active Lifestyle

• Continue support of the Casselberry Art House and groups that raise funds for new art work for the city.
• Continue to support growth of the Lake Concord Park for art and music events.
• Promote expansion of walkways, trails and bike-ways.
• Attract new health and wellness businesses into the city.
• Promote creation of a medical plaza for specialist practitioners.

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